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Igniting Passion and Innovation: Our Enactus Italy Kick-Off Event 2023 / 2024 Unveiled!

We just rocked Randstad Box Milano with a two-day Kick-Off event on November 10th and 11th that was nothing short of epic. It can be described as: a melting pot of young go-getters, corporate big shots, and Enactus students from every corner of Italy, all together buzzing with excitement and ideas, sharing a space of pure entrepreneurial action.

Day 1: "Intraprendenza! Fa rima con...?"

Our journey kicked off with a bang in a day we dubbed "Intraprendenza! Fa rima con...?" (Intrapreneurship! Rhymes with...?). We got the lowdown from a stellar panel, diving deep into the world of entrepreneurship. Stories of young people and game-changing companies shaking up the scene with sustainable projects set the tone. Our mission? Bring budding entrepreneurs and impact-driven companies together for some serious collaboration to help change the world together.

But wait, there's more! We unveiled our brand-spanking-new platform, “6PARTEXENACTUS” The Enactus Italy collaborative digital platform for impact design, a tech powerhouse gearing up to support all the Enactus students throughout the year powered by Fondazione Caritro. It's our new go-to for rocking all the Enactus projects and tackling societal challenges head-on.

And to cap it off, we threw a networking aperitivo where our students, got to rub shoulders with the movers and shakers from those game-changing companies that have been helping Enactus Italy dreams come true. Connections made, minds inspired, and a good time had by all.

Day 2: "The Future is Green: Skilling Together"

Day two cranked up the excitement with "The Future is Green: Skilling Together." GX Boutique and Randstad teamed up to throw down a challenge for our Enactus Italy Network students. A competition that wasn't just about flexing soft skills but doing it while cooking up a sustainable project. Imagine the creativity, the teamwork, and the entrepreneurial sparks flying!

The second day sparked all our emotions with the activities and fun we had through the whole day, and nothing could have been done without the participation of everyone. Especially, our Enactus Alumni who were involved in all the activities for our current students, giving them valuable insights, support, opinions and word of wisdom to rank up their soft skills.

We finished the event with a shocking surprise that will be helpful for all the Enacters out there! The launch of our official Enactus Alumni Network, a platform that will keep of all of us connected, opening possible professional opportunities for everyone in the future. A lot of updates on this network will be coming up in the future.

A Wild Mix of Learning and Fun

Our Kick-Off event wasn't just a meetup; it was a celebration of ideas, collaboration, and the limitless power of youth-driven initiatives. All the Enacters left buzzing with knowledge, armed with new connections, and ready to dive into their own entrepreneurial journeys.

This event is just the beginning! Enactus Italy is gearing up for a year packed with excitement. The echoes of the Kick-Off are still reverberating, and we're stoked for the next chapter. Join us on this adventure where innovation meets impact, and together, let's create a future that rocks! Stay tuned for more game-changing events—we're just getting started!

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