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The National Competition

The National Competition (NC) represents the most important event of the Enactus year,where students’ efforts are showcased at, evaluated and celebrated by the entire network,and virtuous connections are created. 

What happened at NC24?

Teams from all Enactus Italy’s affiliated universities and ITSs competed in four leagues

during the Opening Round of competition, and the four winning team performed on the Final Round stage.

Then, one team has been recognized as the National Champion and

win the opportunity to advance to the prestigious Enactus World Cup

Investor Day


This year, for the first time in the history of Enactus Italy, we hosted a session dedicated to

Enactus projects determined to land on the market in the short-medium term.
We showcased the results of the Enactus Pre-acceleration Program

in collaboration with WDA, with 5 selected impact startups-to-be on stage,

pitching their entrepreneurial visions towards a panel of judges and investors.

Find out more in our blog article.

Winning team

University of Rome - La Sapienza

Keralight project

Keralight licenses a process to pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors emphasizing resource efficiency and sustainability. It involves hair collection via hairdressers, sustainable keratin extraction, converting it into hydrogel for medical treatment and aligning with eco-friendly trends.

For students

The NC represents a unique learning step of the Enactus experiential programme for students. Between December and April, supported by dedicated training appointments, the teams worked hard to turn a social and/or environmental problem into a sustainable business opportunity.

At the NC, they bring all their efforts on stage, in a final pitch that will be evaluated by a panel of judges, according to the Enactus Criterion.

For Enactus students, reuniting at the National Competition also means:

  • experience the power of Enactus as    a network guided by positive values

  • interacting in a community of committed future leaders

  • connecting with both junior and experienced business partners

For the network

During the National Competition, Enactus Italy really brings together

the entire network and welcomes new friends.

Corporate partners, academic representatives, third sector professionals and engaged students are brought together and have the opportunity

to meet each other and exchange, gain insights, and expand their network.


Being part of this extraordinary event means connecting with like-minded individuals, industry professionals, and potential collaborators.

Judges and Criterion

Business leaders from partner corporates and other professionals have the opportunity to engage directly with young talents, evaluating their impact projects.
As judges, they need to refer to the general Enactus Criterion,
which has been further developed in four evaluation criteria.

The Enactus Criterion

Which Enactus team most effectively demonstrated entrepreneurial leadership to drive business and innovation for sustainable positive impact to benefit people, planet, and prosperity within the last year?


Identifying a need and capitalizing on opportunities by taking personal responsibility, managing risk, and managing change within a dynamic environment.


Applying a sound business model and business plan.


The process of introducing new or improving existing ideas, services, technologies, products or methodologies.


Demonstrating a measurable, lasting improvement for people, planet, and prosperity.*

*prosperity - fulfilling lives economically and socially

Enactus Career Fair

Connecting Enactus students with the business world is one transversal activity we try to include in any possible initiative we propose to our network.

In 2023, we also created a dedicated event during the annual National Competition, where Enactus talents can meet affiliated corporations and kick-start their professional career in businesses that value sustainability.

On this occasion, students also engage in further activities dedicated to personal growth that allow them to explore their talents and engage with business partners in unconventional and more informal ways.

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